Play Paintball

Private Games or Open Play in Connecticut's only full service facility

Birthday parties, corporate team building, Bachelor parties, Church groups, family outings, School events, and Fundraisers.  We provide a unique experience for every type of group.  Come see how our exclusive rental equipment makes for a better day of paintball!

The Hogan's Alley Difference

  1. Better Rentals - We rent great quality gear designed specifically for field rental use.  We are the only CT field to include headwraps with all mask rentals to absorb sweat and prevent fogging.  We sell off old rental equipment so you'll never get a junker.  Our exclusive paintballs are designed to minimize sting and maximize fun.  
  2. Our Facility - Climate controlled paintball storage makes a huge difference in how straight they fly and how they break on contact.  We have an Air Force military barracks for private groups with heat and air conditioning, snack bar with hot food and cold beverages,  indoor and outdoor restrooms, outdoor picnic area, and a paintball superstore with the nation's largest repair center. 
  3. The Best Team - With over twenty years of experience of full time operation.  We are Connecticut's only full time year round paintball facility.  This isn't just something we throw together on weekends.  Our staff has the training and the desire to deliver the most fun you've ever had.  
  4. Six Different Themed Courses - Not just running around in the woods, our full time staff designs obstacles, forts, and removes hazards.  Each course has a unique play style and you'll have the opportunity to try them all out.  See the courses!

Booking is Easy

No two groups are the same, so we have some choices for you.

Start a Group

Start a group for people to join! Pay for just yourself and have your friends log in and join the same group.  Everyone pays individually and you'll be updated on who's coming. Weekend days are offered by default, contact us to start a weekday group for you.  Start by making a reservation in Open Play for one person.  Make sure you pass on confirmation email with the group name, date, and time so everyone gets grouped together.  Pricing starts at $44.99 per person and includes rental, gear fitting, instruction and 1 hour of play time. 

Book a Party

Book a party if you want to pay for the whole party now or at the end. You can pay in advance for a discount or just put down a deposit and pay the balance when you are here. You'll be updated on who from your guest list registers. Available almost any daylight hours.  Choose between any of our group options, gear, and party packages.  Pricing starts at $39.99 per person and includes rental, gear fitting, instruction, plus 1 hour of play time.  Our reservation process is simple and online so your group never has to waste time at the park filling out forms.


Come play with other individuals and small groups to make a super group.  More fun happens with more people! Like players are put together, so you won't be playing out of your league.  Choose your gear when you make your reservation and it will be ready at your chosen start time.  Available on weekends all year and additionally on Thursdays in July.  Open play can be for people who are self equiped or need rentals,  Click the link below for more information.


998 North Colony Rd
Meriden, CT 06450


Phone: (203) 238-2875