5 Different Courses

Recreational, Tournament, and non-contact game play

Never a dull moment on these courses designed to play fair and be action packed.  We built them, and our full time staff maintains them all for you to enjoy with your friends.  

NXL Airball

2023 NXL Airball


The National X-ball League designs exciting layouts that change several times per year.  We'll always update the layout so whether your practicing for a national event, or just want to play on a super exciting field.  We've got you covered.  Built on artificial turf for the best surface to slide like a pro.  


Classic Hyperball


The field that originated the term "speedball".  One of the most exciting fields ever built.  We're excited to offer one of the only Hyperball fields in the world built on artificial turf for perfect slides.  

Haunted Forest

Haunted forest

Woodsball / Scenario

The largest woodsball map we've ever made.  A crashed airplane, an abandoned waterpark, a creepy village, and ancient stone ruins add to the mystique of this place.  

Fuel Depot

Fuel Depot

Fast Action Scenario

Built on a remote mountain, this waystation to refuel is under siege by rebels.  Can you defend your supplies?  A grassy field with amazing views.  Built right next to the zipline course just in case you want to buy a combo paintball/zipline ticket.  

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery


Another Hogan's Alley exclusive!  Have someone in your group who doesn't want to get hit?  Custom built animatronic moving targets with mounted paintball markers.  You can buy paintballs in counts of 40 or 100 and spread them out into multiple markers for everyone to enjoy the fun.  

Greg Hasting Timed Trials

Time Trials

Coming Soon!

Time Trials by Greg Hastings. A non-contact paintball course. Entry to Time Trials runs are included with your Open Play admission or group reservation. No one shooting back at you so it's safe for all ages. Use your own gear or rent ours. How fast can you hit all 83 targets? Let's find out and check your time against the global leader board.

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