Hydro Testing

Visual and Hydrostatic testing

We hydrotest paintball tanks for customers all across the US.  Drop it off or ship it in to us.  Fast turnarounds and great pricing.  Plus, we can also service or swap your regulator while your tank is here.

How does it work?

We start by removing the valve or regulator on the tank and setting off to the side. We perform a series of visual inspections inside and outside of the tank. we then put the tank into the hydro-test machine and measure the elastic expansion of the tank. We compare the elastic expansion to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the tank has enough elasticity it passes. If the tank loses elasticity, instead of expanding when filled it can burst. Tanks are then dried and labeled with the new date. Lastly the valve or regulator is torqued back on with the appropriate torque and threadlocker as specified by the manufacturer.

All metal tank

$ 29.99
  • Hydro test and stamp.

Fiber wrapped tank

$ 39.99
  • Hydro test and relabel.   

Regulator rebuild

$ 29.99
  • If your tank needs a hydro, then your o-rings are at least 5 years old.  Save time and aggravation by getting all the o-rings changed while it's here.  Prices $30-40 depending on regulator.

New regulator

$ 39.95
  • Empire regulators for $39.95.  Ninja regulators start at $59.95 for the standard regulator.  Ultralite, Pro V3, Flex, SLP, SHP, and more in stock.   Prices vary, check our online store.

How do I ship it?

You can order a prepaid kit from our online store here.  It includes the cost of the test, shipping, a sturdy box, and the packing materials needed to get us the tank safely.  Make sure your tank is completely empty before shipping.  

What is the turnaround time?

We start testing in batches of four every Thursday and Friday.  Tanks then need to dried and labeled.  All tanks ship out on Mondays.  If you are shipping in your tank the distance to our facility is the biggest factor in your turn around time.  Most tanks arrive on Wednesday and ship out on Monday.  If you are across the country and want a faster shipping method we can do that for a little extra.  

I want even more information!

Check out our hydro testing blog.  It has all the specific information you crave including:
Is my tank out of date?
Is my tank out of service?
Do you test this kind of tank?
In depth testing procedures
Bad air and internal corrosion
Even more shipping questions and answers.

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