Paintball Fundraising

We are the Fun in Fundraising

Paintball tickets raise more money per sale maximizing your funds and providing your customers an exciting, family fun experience.

How does it work?

Participants sell tickets to the paintball park and earn money for every ticket sold.  Most people buy an average of 4 tickets for their family.  At $9 profit per ticket, thats $36 per sale.  Business customers buy an average of 12 tickets, that's $108 profit per sale!  The average fundraiser has 20 people with 5 sales each equalling 100 transactions for $3,600 raised.  
Can your group do more than five sales per person?  Then, expect over $7,000 raised per fundraiser.  

No Upfront Costs

Participants sell tickets through our online system anywhere from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Payment is collected through our secure server and the customer gets the tickets in their email instantly!  Up to $9 per ticket gets deposited into your campaign fund.  It's that simple.  

Maximized Sales

It's all online.  Use your groups social media to promote it with a link.  You don't have to knock on a door, ever.  Customers can follow the link from your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and buy the ticket themselves.  Money just magically appearing in your fund with minimal effort.

Want to sell out in the real world?  We'll provide you with a custom link and a QR code.  If you want to sell tickets at work, share the link or scan the QR code.  In a world of smartphones no one has to collect cash.  Anyone with a tablet or smartphone can sell or buy tickets.


Test High School Athletics Program Fundraiser

Fundraiser QR code


QR Code

Try our example.  Add them to cards or flyers.  

Ready to get Started?

Contact us with the group information to see if you qualify for a fundraiser.


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