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Everything you need to know and have a great day of paintball

Meriden Field closes 12/31/21

Last Day of Open Play is 12/26/21.  Last day of Private games is 12/31/21.  Tentative opening for new field TBA
Our proposal for the new field has yet to be approved by the city, it also hasn't been denied. We are still pursuing other options while they decide.  

Is it safe?

Yes.  We provide a safe environment for all ability levels to enjoy the game. We have a 1 referee to 10 player ratio minimum. Paintball Markers have a barrel sock on at all times except during game play to prevent being shot at close range by accident. Masks are required at all times in playing area. Masks protect each player's eyes, face and ears from injury. 

Does it Hurt?

It doesn't have to!  Choose the type of paintball that best matches your level.  Our exclusive Low Impact paintball types ensure no one goes home with welts.  A paintball hit is like a snap from an elastic band, but with the adrenaline rush from playing you don't really feel it.

What to wear?

Paintballs shatter like glass on impact so we recommend long sleeves and pants all year so the sharp edges don't inflict pain.  Loose fitting clothes are best.  We wear polyester wicking and vented sportswear.  Proper footwear is needed, no open toes.  Wear layers in the winter as it's warm while playing and chilly during the breaks.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen and a camera.  You can bring food or beverages or we have them available here as well.  Food delivery is not allowed at the park.  You can order food at the front desk and have it delivered to your table.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Can I take pictures?

Sure!  We recommend a waterproof case in the event your camera is hit by a paintball.  We can't be responsible for personal equipment.

How do I check in?

Make your reservation online and check in at the registration tent on the right side of the building. Do not gather in the store.  Please arrive at the start time on your reservation.

Will I receive instruction?

Yes, each player will receive gear fitting and safety instruction from our staff before play.  There is also a target range to practice before you go out and play.

Are their restrooms?

We have an indoor and outdoor restroom for the comfort of our patrons.  We are the only paintball field in CT with an indoor restroom.

Is their food?

We have a full catering menu available for groups.  We also offer hot and ready pizza by the slice on open play days.

Can I bring paintballs?

No.  Our paintballs are specially formulated to fire at the specific velocity of our rentals.  We can't be sure of the quality, freshness, or storage of paintballs from outside.  That wouldn't be safe.

Can I spectate?

Yes, you can see a few of the fields from our picnic area or you can go on the field with the players.  Spectators must sign the waiver as they could be hit by a paintball.  There is no charge to be a spectator.  The waiver excludes damage to personal equipment like cameras and phones, use them at your own risk.

What is the rental procedure?

After check in, you'll proceed to the equipment room and be given everything you need for a great day.  You'll be fitted and receive instruction in our picnic area before play.  Please return all the rental gear at the end.  If you forgot to add something to your reservation you can add it here.

What is a ticket?

Tickets are a way to buy discounted admission now and use it later.  They are great for gifts and fundraisers.  Check out more information about tickets here.

How is Low Impact Paint Different?

Low Impact paintballs have half the mass of a normal paintball and are about 25% smaller.  Less weight means less impact.  The smaller ball flies straighter, and has less wind resistance.  It's a great choice.

Will my clothes get ruined?

Paintballs wash out easily as they are not real "paint".  The paint filling is specially designed to be food grade safe, biodegradable, and wash out easily.

What about the weather?

Weather happens, and changes every day.  The forecasts are frequently wrong.  So we are here for your reservation rain, shine, or snow.  You won't show up and not find us here.  If it rains, we hand out free ponchos.  If there is a thunderstorm, we have a delay of game and your missed time is credited or added on at the end.  You can select a rain date when you book and you can choose to use your rain date by calling us 24 hours in advance and we'll reschedule you without penalty.

What is Open Play?

Open Play means we will add players to the field you are on to fill the field.  The more players there are the more exciting the games are.  Open Play is always less expensive than Private and offers more flexibility with cancellations and rescheduling.  

What is a Private Reservation?

Private groups have their own staff assigned to them.  Their staff will conduct the safety orientation, gear fitting, officiate games, and keep track of paint and air consumption.  Private Reservations get personal attention and the price is higher than with Open Play.  It's also customary to tip your staff for a job well done.  

Cancellations and refunds

Typically Private groups require a week notice and Open reservations can be canceled up to the morning of the event.  Please see the "Terms and Conditions" section on your individual reservation on the checkout screen for your details.  Cancellations are done through the "Cancel my Reservation" link at the bottom of your confirmation email.  Refunds take 3-4 business days to process. 

Airsoft vs Paintball

Airsoft is a military simulation where players shoot high velocity hard plastic bbs at each other with replica weapons.  Paintball is a fun family activity where you launch brightly colored balls of liquid that splat.  Our airsoft guns are high end and the impact is higher than what most people are familiar with.  We recommend airsoft for ages 14+ due to the impact an weight of the gear.  

Groups, Parties, and food

A group is any number of people here playing together.   A Party is a group that has a food package at the end.  Groups can be made in Open or Private.  Food can be added on to either.  Food packages can include setup with table covers, flatware, drinks, staff to serve the food, and cleanup or can just be a pizza delivered to a table.  You choose what works best for you.


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