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We have the best quality Airsoft rentals.  Tippmann HPA M4 carbines are reliable, realistic, and accurate. For a real Milsim game, airsoft is a clear choice.  Airsoft is a game based on the honor system and is therefore best suited for private groups.  Groups of 6 or more can book a private 2 hour airsoft game any day of the week. 

Self Equipped

$ 20 per session
  • Includes private session with facilitator.  Equipment must include full face protection, barrel blocker, and fire =< 1.7J for standard and 2.2J for snipers.  Field bbs are required.


$ 45 per session
  • Includes private session with facilitator, gun, mask, vest, and two 120 round magazines with bbs.  Additional loaded mags are $5 each.  Our Tippmann HPA rentals are some of the best firing guns on the market.    


$ 10 and up
  • BBs for self equipped players.  We allow field bbs only.  Our field bbs are biodegradable, available in many weights, and can be purchased at the front counter in 3000 count bottles.
  1. Sniper rifles - Bolt action and can fire up to 2.2J.  80' is the minimum engagement distance.  Snipers can take field positions outside of the field boundaries before play starts.  Must have pistol for 5'-80' engagements.  
  2. AEG, HPA - Must fire 1.7J or less.  Minimum engagement distance of 20'.  
  3. Pistols - For engaging targets 5' away or more.  1.5J or less power, semi auto only.  

Click Here for complete list of Airsoft game rules


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