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Is Paintball Safe during the Coronavirus outbreak?

YES!  Paintball is a low risk activity.


Outdoors in Open Space

Fresh air is reccomended.  Exercise is needed to maintain a healthy immune system.


Everyone wears masks!

Respitory droplets can't travel far if your wearing a mask.


10' Rule

Paintball players have to be 10' apart minimum for Low Impact, 20' apart for .68 play.

Field open to Season Pass Holders

The field is an open recreation area and is free to use for any season pass holder until April 22nd.  Please check in using the online waiver with the date and time your here.  Feel free to come and use the property any day.  We ask that you continue to follow the 20' rule and keep your mask on.  Air fills/paint will be available with store hours posted below.

Reduced store hours

New store hours of 2-4 Tuesday through Friday. In effect until April 30th.  Curbside pickup is available 9-4 on weekends, 2-4 Tuesday-Friday or by appointment for tank fills and website orders.  Store is closed except for curbside pickup, so use that option on your store online order.

Disinfecting of Equipment

We've upped the level of disinfectant from 200PPM to 1000PPM of sodium hypochlorite.  Our regular 200PPM is great for killing bacteria, We've upped the amount to kill viruses.


The virus can't live outside of the body for more than 72 hours, so all our equipment is quaranteened for 72 hours after disenfecting, just in case.

Spread Out

Utilizing our online registration we've staggered the check in of people so they don't come in contact with each other.  Field is limited to 10 people at a time.

Routine Cleaning

Surfaces like keyboards, fill hoses, faucets, door handles are cleaned every hour.

Staff Training

We've educated all our staff on cleaning techniques, and how to adapt to this situation.  Safety has always been the key to our company's success.

Online payment and registration

With our online registration and check in, there is no need to touch a computer or handle cash.  This keeps everyone safe.


998 North Colony Rd
Meriden, CT 06450


Phone: (203) 238-2875