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Private Games

The right equipment matters

Paintball is not a one size fits all game.  The equipment for a seven year old should not be the same as an adult.  We have the options you need for a fun and exciting day out.  Our unique facility allows us to maintain and sanitize all the equipment between uses.  For Clean and great quality gear that fits right, Hogan's Alley is the clear choice.

The best rental equipment is at Hogan's Alley


So this is the paintball that was invented in the 1980s.  a 3/4" paintball in a 7LB marker.  Big, heavy, hard to aim with short arms, best suited for adults in a group with a mix of their own equipment but need some rentals. The best option if you want to continue in open play after the group.  Great for ages 14+.

Pricing and Availability

Air Powered Low Impact paintball at Hogan's Alley

Tippmann Low Impact

Exclusively at Hogan's Alley.  All the fun of paintball with none of the sting.  Fun shouldn't hurt!  3LBS lighter than standard. This is what we recommend for the majority of our groups.  A popular choice for company outings and birthday parties. Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.   Great for ages 10+.

Pricing and Availability

SplatMaster Low Impact rentals at Hogan's Alley


Another Hogan's Alley exclusive! Pump action Low Impact paintball marker.  Completely spring loaded so there is no extra weight from an air tank.  You pump once before each shot. The lightest rental on the market.  The rental packages include unlimited paintballs.
Great for ages 7+.

Pricing and Availability

Billy Ball rentals exclusively at Hogan's Alley

Billy Ball

Electronically timed to fire once only every 3 seconds.  A great way to be introduced to the game.  It slows the pace of the game down to make it enjoyable when you are playing kids versus adults.  It's light and compact which makes it easy to aim.  Great for ages 10+

Pricing and Availability

Upgraded Rentals available at Hogan's Alley Paintball


Tactical rentals are a mix of sniper rifles, carbines, and sub machine style paintball markers to make up a balanced team.  This package includes specialized tactical vests to carry extra paint and grenades.  Play specially designed game formats to enhance the experience.  Great for ages 14+

Pricing and Availability

The best airsoft rentals are at Hogan's Alley


Our Tippmann HPA airsoft rentals are the best airsoft guns on the market.  Airsoft is a similar impact to our Low Impact paintball and is a great choice for military simulations or law enforcement training.  Airsoft doesn't leave a splat, so it's very much on the honor system.  Great for ages 14+

Pricing and Availability

Basic Pricing Guide

All styles of groups come with a free 1/2 hour gear fitting and instruction.  Then you select the amount of time you want to play for.  1 hour of play starts at $34.99 per person, and it's $10 per person for each additional hour after that.  If you book a party (see below) that is in addition to your play time.  For example: with gear fitting, instruction, 2 hours of play, and a pizza party with cupcake tower your total time here would be 3-1/4 hours.  Pricing for groups over 30 people, Tactical and Airsoft are different.  See our pricing and availability link for the style of party you are interested in for specific information.

Want a custom group?

We do that!  If you need a time not shown, want more play time, or want to book a group where everyone pays individually, we can build a group for you.

If you'd like to play standard on the weekend and want a private group where everyone pays individually, make an Open Play reservation for yourself and let your friends know.  Have a non-profit?  Ask for a custom group without sales tax.  Looking for better pricing?  We sometimes have last minute cancellations or holes in the schedule we'd like to fill.  We'll discount these on Fridays just before the weekend.  If you want a great deal on a last minute booking click the custom group and we'll get back to you with times and pricing.

Have a party in our military barracks!

Make it a Party!

Add a party package to any group to make it an unforgettable event.  Our party packages are full service, so you can sit back and enjoy the party.  We'll setup, serve food, pour drinks, light the candles, and clean up afterwards.
All packages include use of a private room in the barracks, table covers, balloons, and place settings.

Pizza Parties at Hogan's Alley Paintball

Pizza Party

Our most popular option. Two slices of real brick oven pizza with your choice of toppings. Includes drinks and cups. All our pizza is baked at Hometown pizza of Wallingford and delivered fresh.     $4 per person

Sandwich platter party at Hogan's Alley

Sandwich Party

Party subs cut into sections and served with drinks and potato chips. Your choice of hot or cold subs. Mix and match subs to satisfy everyone.  Made fresh to order.  A great option to feed a hungry crowd.                          $5 per person

Taco bar at Hogan's Alley Paintball

Moe's Taco Bar

Two soft flour or crispy corn shells per person.  Your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu, pinto or black beans, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream.  Served with chips and salsa.  10 person minimum.            $10 per person

Add an ice cream cake to your party at Hogan's Alley Paintball

Premium ice cream cake

Premium ice cream cake hand packed with all natural Big Dipper ice cream by Bananas ice cream shop.  Each cake is custom made with up to two flavors of ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbles between the layers and personalized.  $2.75 per person

Get a cupcake tower for your party at Hogan's Alley

Mr. D's Cupcake tower

These are not your average cupcakes.  Baked at Mr. D's bakery, these freshly baked cupcakes have no preservatives or fillers.  The standard flavors are vanilla, chocolate, black/white, or red velvet.   Specialty flavors are also available.                    $2.50 per person


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