Rental Gear

Vibe Markers: Semiautomatic marker that is 1 pound lighter than then standard paintball markers.  Shoots  faster and more accurate.  The weight is great for added speed, women and children.  The speed and accuracy helps everyone to have more fun.  Vibe Markers are always used to play Billy Ball.  There is a $5 per marker charge to upgrade to a Vibe marker for open play and party play.  Reservations are recommended for these.

Splatmaster Markers: Used for a special format game designed for young children (ages 7 to 10) as an introduction to paintball.  Markers are very light weight and spring loaded.  This means there is no tank to add weight to these markers.  These markers are not designed for woodsball play as the pace of the game is too slow and the distance the paintball travels is too short.


Standard Tippmann Paintballl Markers: Basic semiautomatic markers that can shoot up to 6 paintballs per second.  These are tough and relaible. 

Safety Equipment

Goggles/ Masks:  Goggles are provided with every marker rental.  We offer 4 types of masks to ensure players comfort.  Since goggles must be worn at all times while on the playing field, we want to make sure the fit and feel is comfortable.  Goggles cover the entire face and protect the eyes, ears, and mouth.  The different styles allow for a better fit around the eyes.  We even have a style designed for those players who wear glasses.  After each use the goggles are sanitized in a bleach solution to ensure the players safety from germs and other contaminates.  We have running water on site and are able to clean the goggles with fresh water no matter how many rentals we have in a day.


Barrel Socks:  Barrel Sock are provided with every marker rental.  These must be on the markers at all times except during active game play.  Referees on the playing field will instruct you on when it safe to take the barrel socks off and turn the marker on.  Barrel socks prevent people from accidentally shooting other players during non-play. 

Additional Equipment:

Chest Protectors/ Gloves: Chest protector add an layer of protection to each players chest and back.  This is a great option for younger players and players new to the sport.  Gloves help players grip the markers better as well as provide a layers of protection to the players hands.  Both may be rented for $5 per person.

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits are full body camouflage suits that protects a players cloths from the paintballs.  These allow players to blend better with the surrounding.  Jumpsuits also add a layer of protection from paintball hits.  Jumpsuits are available for $10 per person.  Each jumpsuit is washed between uses with on-site washer/ dryer.

Gun Camera: Gun cameras may be attached to a players barrel and film each game from the players perspective.  The footage is reviewed by Hogan’s Alley Paintball’s staff and edited.  Any footage shot between games or when the player with the gun cam is shot of the game will be edited out.  Music is also added to the footage.  Once complete, the DVD will be sent to the person who rented the camera.  The cost is $29.99 for a two hour rental.  Camera rental is availbe by reservation or first come, first serve. 


Axe Markers: Semiautomatic Tournament quality rental.  Very light, and very fast firing.  Comes with an electronic power-feed hopper.  Limited quantities are available each day.  Reservations are recommended for these.

FT-50 Low Impact Markers: Semiautomatic marker that is 2-1/2 pounds lighter than then standard paintball markers.  This is our lightest semi-auto paintball marker.  Fires specialty low impact paintballs.  All the fun, less weight, less pain.  This is the best option for private groups.

axe blue brass

Tippmann A5 Marker: Semiautomatic marker with a powerfeed hopper system.  The powerfeed hopper makes sure your marker fires every ball without skipping any shots.  You never jam or worry about shaking the hopper to make it feed.  There is a $5 per marker charge to upgrade to an A5  marker for open play and party play.  Reservations are recommended for these.

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