Our Fields

We have six different courses to choose from.  We recommend that you try to play most of them in a day.  Each one is unique, and multiple styles of games are played on each field.


Field 1:  Two teams of survivors compete to gather supplies while moving between large storage crates.

Field 2:  Inflatable obstacles set up in a national format for 5 person teams.  This is a center flag game where you capture the flag and push it to your opponents base.


Staging area:  Covered picnic area for players to rest between games, and for spectators to watch from.

Field 3: Black plastic pipe obstacles.  Setup for 5 person teams.  See how challenging it is to hide behind round ribbed bunkers! 

Field 4:  Our Landing zone scenario field.  A helicopter lies in the center of a small village.  Games here include a rescue the pilot game where you carry a full sized dummy from the helicopter to an extraction zone.

Field 6:  Has a fort and 3 permanent flag stations.  Can be played with 2 or 3 flags.  This field is heavily wooded with varied terrain.  Foliage is thick here and is great for sniping unseen.


Field 5:  Our Front Lines scenario field.  A house lies in between a tank and an airplane. Games here include Rocket man, where you use a rocket launcher to take out the enemy's main weapon. This field is wooded with varied terrain including bridges, foxholes, trenches, etc.

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