Welcome to Hogan's Alley Paintball. Listed here is the information you need to have a great day of paintball.


Is paintball safe? Yes.  At Hogan's Alley Paintball, we provide a safe environment for all ability levels to enjoy the game.   We have a 1 referee to 10 player ratio minimum.  Each field has a minimum of 2 referees for each game.  Paintball Markers have a barrel sock on at all times except during game play.  This prevents players from being shot at close range or by accident in between games. Goggles (masks) are required at all times once the player enters the playing area.  Goggles protect each players eyes, face and ears from injury.  Referees also ensure players are not bunkered (shot at close range) during game play.

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?  Briefly. Players will feel the initial impact, but there is not usually any lasting pain.    Markers are tested by chronograph at Hogan's Alley Paintball prior to game play.  The paintball speeds must fall within 250-280 feet per second.  This is to make sure the paintballs break on contact.  When markers are fired at too high a speed or too low of a speed, players may be hurt when the paintball hits a person but fails to break.  This is why we always check marker speeds prior to playing.

What should I wear? Long sleeve shirts and long pants are required. You should have footwear appropriate for running on varied terrain. Footwear that provides traction and ankle protection is recommended. Gloves make the game more enjoyable, anything that covers the knuckles is fine. Kneepads and elbow pads are recommended for people who play aggressively. Rain gear is a good idea if the forecast calls for rain.

What should I bring? Signed waiver (from the packet if your in a group), older clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, a camera, and some excitement.

Can I take pictures?  Yes.  It is best to have a spectator take pictures while you are playing.  Referees may also take photographs for your group.  You may also consider renting a gun camera for $29.99 for two hours (there is only a limitied number of cameras that are available by reservation then first come, first serve).  Gun cameras may be attached to a players barrel and film each game from the players perspective.  The footage will be edited and a DVD of your games will be sent to your home.

How do I check my group in? Your reservation time is your start time, so be prepared to start then.  For example, if your reservation is for 9:30am then that is when we start handing out equipment.  If you've pre-paid and have all the waivers filled out you can arrive right at the start time, if you need to finalize payment or have people in your group that need to complete waivers on site you should plan on arriving a half hour before your start time. Proceed to the sales counter on your left when you arrive and speak to a group coordinator. The coordinator will collect your paperwork, hand wristbands out for the participants, and finalize payment. You will then be directed to rentals.

What is the rental procedure? After check in, you will directed to the rental room.  Our rental coordinator will provide a fully set-up rental marker and mask.  This is where you can rent gloves, chest protector, or jumpsuit.  Groups will be lined up on the silver line leading to the rental room. As each person gets their gear they will exit into the picnic area where orientation will commence once the whole group has arrived.

Will I receive instruction?  Our staff will provide a safety orientation at the staging area to all players before any player may enter the fields.  Orientation will include field rules, fitting of equipment, how to play, and much more.  For groups, your party pro will provide your orientation.

How do games work? We have 6 playing fields that offer a variety of playing options.  Please visit our “Fields” page to learn about the different types of playing fields.  Referees will help guide players to available fields.  Referees will assist players in playing with people of similar playing experience to ensure everyone has fun.  For groups, games will be played on different fields throughout the day. Usually, groups play at a rate of 2 games per field, and then change fields.

What do I do with the rental gear at the end of the day?   When you are done playing, please return to the rental room to return all gear.  Groups will be escorted to the rental room after your last game by your party pro.

Is there food on-site? Hogan's Alley has snacks and beverages available at the counter or in the vending machines .  Lunch is served for open play players between noon and 2:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Lunch options change seasonally.  Catering is available through many of our partners. There is no outside food allowed, but you can bring drinks or water bottles to refill on site.   Groups who purchased a food package  will have a table set up for you in the military barracks by your party pro who will help serve the guests.

Are there bathrooms on site? Yes.  There is a full bathroom in the store.  There is also a port-o-potty at the entrance to the staging area.

Can I go on the field be a spectator? Yes.  Just sign a waiver and turn it in at the counter.  This is the best option for taking pictures and to view people playing on the woods fields.  There are protected areas in between each field that will keep you from being directly hit by paintballs.  The referees can offer suggestions for the best location to watch from.  You may be splattered by paint, but note that most often the paint will wash out of your clothes.

Can I bring my own paint?  No.  There are just too many concerns with the hardness and environmental properties of unknown paintballs.  All paintballs must be purchased here.


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